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In Defense of Solfege

Or Maria von Trapp’s Guidonian Manifesto By Christine Boone, PhD “I can sing the melody; I just can’t put the solfege syllables with it!” I hear some version of this from students every semester, occasionally accompanied by an eye roll. “Why do


Signs You’re a Music Major

By Myrna Urbina 1. Sleeping’s hard because you’re too busy thinking about your repertoire, setting up practice time, finding time to study for aural skills and theory and history — oh my! 2. You’re in college for 5 and a half years


How to Work the Exhibition Floor

By Cassie Shankman We’ve all been there — resumé in hand, business cards in your back pocket, toothy grin on your face. It’s the dreaded or not-so dreaded exhibition floor. This is the meeting ground for sales deals, friends, competitors, losers, and